Storytime with Byron: “Toilet Truths”

The time where Byron shares a story about a job or product or even customer that could be useful for others to know.

“What toilet should I buy?”

Toilets are often the most misunderstood part of the plumbing. The basic assumption is that every toilet will work if it fits. This is not always true. And even if it fits, sometimes things can go wrong.

To help you understand what I mean, here is a story about a brand of toilet that can help you avoid the same problem.

I was called out to fix a leaking toilet. When I arrived at the house I was shown a brand new American Standard toilet (installed by someone else). It looked like there was a defective fill valve inside, so I replace the fill valve. When I turned the water back on it still leaked and upon further investigation I found that the liner they designed to go inside the tank had a small crack and was defective.

Since this part was only made by them I had to call them to find it, and was hoping they would send me a free one because the toilet was only months old. When I got them on the phone they asked for the original purchase receipt. Since the customer did not have it American Standard would not honor their warranty.

So my customer was forced to make a choice. Either order the part and pay full price for it and the install price, or buy a completely new toilet. She did not have time to wait for the part to come in and have a toilet down that long, so she ended up buying a whole new toilet.

American Standard has not been easy to work warranties with, and because of that I recommend staying away from their products. Gerber and Kohler make good products that are not too pricey. If you choose Gerber don’t choose their Maxwell series. The other ones are good.

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