Ah, spring is a wonderful time of year—flowers blooming, birds singing, family outings, house cleaning…wait, what?

Easy Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

Yeah, it’s also that wonderful time of year when people decide to spring clean, and while cleaning is not usually anyone’s favorite activity, the results of a sparkling clean home are definitely worth it!

We here at Next Level Plumbing thought we would provide you with some easy, yet effective spring cleaning tips to help you get your house in order and get ready for summer, because after all, summer is next month!

8 Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Spring Cleaning Tips

Work those Windows: The best way to get squeaky clean windows is with a squeegee. Use a 50/50 simple solution of distilled vinegar and water and watch them sparkle!

Tackle the Refrigerator: Get that fridge ready for all those tasty summer snacks! An easy and natural way to clean your refrigerator is with salt and soda water. The bubbly soda water and the gritty salt make a great cleaner…get wiping!

Screen Time: Nobody likes cleaning window screens, right? Well, we have the perfect easy tip for you: use a scrap of carpeting to brush away all the built-up dirt—it’s surprisingly effective!

Polish those Faucets: Clean lime buildup around those faucets with paper towels and vinegar! Lay paper towels over the faucets, soak it with vinegar, and let it set for an hour. The lime buildup will weaken and be easy to wipe away!

Fluff Up Your Drapes: Take your drapes off and run them through the air-fluff cycle in the dryer along with a wet towel (it gets rid of the dust!) for 15 minutes. Hang them back up immediately. Voila—looking good!

Clean the Fans: Use a coat of furniture polish to clean your ceiling fan blades. Spray it on and buff it off, perfect!

Comfort Your Comforters & Blankets: Air out those blankets and comforters after a long winter of use. Hang them outside for a day…you’ll be surprised at the difference.

Vacuum Those Walls: This is the easiest way to get rid of dust and spider web build-up. Use the brush attachment and say good-bye to dirt!

We told you these were super easy! You’ll be wonderfully pleased with how these 8 tips make a big difference in your home. We hope you enjoy your spring season! 🌸 🌷  🌺

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