Check out these Six Summer Saves!

Help keep your plumbing up & running in Florida’s hot summers!

  1. Avoid a ridiculously high water bill by checking your sprinkler system for leaks and making sure all water (like the outdoor hoses and spigots) is completely turned off when not in use!
  2. Turn the water heater DOWN and the refrigerator UP when you’re getting ready to head out on a vacation! You’ll be saving energy, money, and stress by doing so!
  3. Give your washing machine time to catch its breath! Summer means most people are crazy active and clothes can really be moved through the washer when everyone is home and making the most of their free time outdoors!
    Make sure your washer is moved away from the wall it’s closest to, and remember to change out the hose attachment on it every three years for safety!
  4. Take care of your garbage disposal during the summer months of cookouts, family meals, and holiday gatherings!
    Avoid putting grease and used cooking oils down the disposal as it will harden up and cause problems within the inner workings of the disposal.
    Also, avoid putting produce and hard fruits down the disposal- it can cause damage to the blades!
  5. Consider just how much your household plumbing is being used during the summer months! If more people are home, and toilets are being used more than the rest of the year, make sure they’re functioning well and being maintained! This will help you avoid costly plumbing problems in the future.
  6. Service your sewer system before the summer storms startup! Florida is known for its regular summer storms, it’s not uncommon to have an afternoon storm roll in practically every day!
    Sewer lines can back up when there is excessive rain or the ground is soaked, so have a plumber out to check and make sure you’ve got everything set for your sewer system to handle the upcoming storms!
  7. These are some quick tips we hope you find useful this summer! If you’re interested in checking out more summer/plumbing tips then check out more Next Level Plumbing blogs below!

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