It’s Officially Spring!

his means longer days with even more sunshine in the sunny state!

How can you be sure your plumbing will hold up during the upcoming seasons??

DIY and check these 3 important places in your house!

  1. Since Spring Cleaning has officially begun, it’s a great opportunity to clear out under all the sinks in your house and check for leaks!
  2. Your water heater has probably been working hard during the terrible Florida winters we have down here… (using a strong bit of sarcasm there- Florida doesn’t really have “winter” more like two or three days where we bundle up in 40-degree weather) so you should definitely give it a check, or think about making a monthly routine of giving it a quick look over.
    Make use of that spring cleaning again and clear the area around the water heater while also checking for any leaks, puddles on the ground underneath it, rust, etc.
  3. Next time you’re taking a stroll around your house, or if you’re taking the spring cleaning beyond the house and into the yard, take some time to check on your main shut-off valve. Regularly testing it every month or so to make sure it shuts off and on properly can save you a lot of trouble if a plumbing emergency happens!
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We hope these Spring cleaning tips, DIY’s, and fun/helpful links will help you out and save you some money! If you need a plumber or are looking for a free estimate on any plumbing problems please reach out to us! You can call or text us, or email us.

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