Hello again friends!

It is BayMaxx here to share with you all the many things you can celebrate on this day!!

Today is a perfect day to celebrate! Why???

Saturday, September 15th celebrates many different things! So many in fact that you will surely find at least one to add to your calendar! Some of these are observed on the third Saturday of September each year, and others are specific to September 15th. Let’s check out these 20 special reasons to celebrate together!

  • Batman Day! The perfect time to celebrate your favorite superhero! 

  • National Double Cheeseburger Day! Yummm Burgers!!!

  • International Coastal Cleanup Day! Gotta help the oceans and beaches stay clean! 

  • World Cleanup Day! We’re already cleaning up the oceans & beaches- why not the rest of the planet too!?! 

  • International Eat an Apple Day! I love a good Apple treat! 

  • International Dot Day! I’m not the biggest fan of dots, but I know of an animal that is!! 

  • Make a Hat Day! Hats are fun, but I rarely wear them! How about you?! 

  • International Red Panda Day! They seem like some fun animals to be around!! 

  • Greenpeace Day! This is a beautiful planet full of amazing things worth protecting and saving! 

  • International Day of Democracy! A great day to celebrate! 

  • Google.com Day! Celebrating the search engine we’re all familiar with! 

  • National Caregivers Day! For all those that care for someone special to them! 

  • National Gymnastics Day! Yay for being flexible and awesome!! 

  • National Thank You Day! Never forget to be thankful!!! 

  • National Linguine Day! Oh pasta how I love you!!! How we ALL love you!!! 

  • National Online Learning Day! Becoming a more popular way to learn, it’s a great idea to me! 

  • National Tackle Kids Cancer Day! It’s such an important day! And helping all we can to tackle this is super! 

  • Thank a Police Officer Day! We can’t forget how hard they work!!! Much appreciation for all they do!

  • Puppy Mill Awareness Day! I’m lucky I came from a good home and was picked out from birth to be loved forever! This is an important day to be aware of! 

  • Responsible Dog Ownership Day! We are just like little kids and need responsible owners to love and care for us! Thanks to all the dog and pet owners who responsibly take care of us crazy fur babies!!! 


Hope you find an amazing reason to celebrate life today!!! I know I’ve found many reasons!!! Talk to you again soon humans!

Love, BayMaxx!


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