Reflecting on the Seasons

Let’s set the mood for this post shall we? You pick the gif that will be nice to look at and reflect on, and I’ll do the same!

There’s a bit of a variety for you: from Florida Fall to more of a true Autumnal vibe! Personally I choose the cozy looking fire to glance at as I reflect on the past, present, and future happenings of this year!

Looking back on Halloween ‘18

I’m not sure how your Halloween went, but mine took plenty of unexpected turns and wasn’t quite what I planned for! Thankfully it didn’t deal me a bad hand, just offered plenty of things to reflect on and possibly change in the years to come. Some people might think there’s no way you can “over decorate” during the holidays, but Byron and I both agree we could definitely decorate LESS for Halloween next year.

Not only did we plan for a decorate the house more than necessary, we were also over-prepared with the treats! It might seem to some of you like that is a good thing, but for those of us trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle, those cookies, chips, and candies can definitely do some tempting and haunting when left out where they can be seen!

I’ve taken to hiding the more tempting treats from my sight in hopes that the old phrase “out of sight, out of mind” holds true! So in looking back, although Halloween wasn’t a bummer, it also wasn’t a highlight on the reflection reel on 2018!

FALLing into Birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas

Recently I discovered that in my excitement over Halloween, I forgot about the wonderful warmth and happiness that comes with the cool winds and crunchy leaves of Autumn transforming into Winter!

Perhaps it’s more noticeable in the northern states, but here in Florida it’s easy to forget about Fall! It’s usually so warm and summer-y we Floridians are practically begging Fall to hurry our way- even if it only lasts a few weeks! Now that we’re looking ahead to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the new year I’m beginning to get excited all over again! This time of year brings with it multiple birthdays in the family as well as lots of fun times with extended family, and delicious cooking too!

Many things to be thankful for in my opinion!

Pinterest suddenly becomes a commonly used app as I begin to find a strong desire to bake, cook, and create for the upcoming holidays. Perhaps I’ll even share a board of this seasons Fall Favorites on Next Level Plumbing’s Pinterest page “The Pinteresting Plumber”!

Whether you’re a lover of the seasons (especially Fall!) like I am, or you simply glide through the year with other things on your mind, take some time to enjoy the little things in life, and never forget to look around and count your blessings, whether you recognize it or not, there’s many things to be thankful for!

NLP Tidbit of the Day!

This time of year often becomes hectic with many holidays and reasons for family and friends to come together! As the days continue to get busier, we’ve found it’s best to take care of any plumbing problems BEFORE guests arrive, life gets crazy, and budgets are often squeezed a bit tighter. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us as you wrap up projects before the craziness hits, we’ll be happy to help you with any plumbing projects or problems you are having! You can give us a call or text at 941-504-3578 to schedule! Good luck with the things to come and happy holidays!

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