Today is

National Garden Meditation Day!

It’s the perfect opportunity to get outside, enjoy nature (in your own garden or at a public one) and spend a moment or two meditating and stepping away from life’s craziness to focus on the little things that make the big picture of life beautiful.

If you have a garden at home, then you’ve got one less step to do then the rest of us! But if you’re interested…

Since I don’t have my own garden to go out and enjoy, I’ve discovered some wonderful gardens around town that I’d like to recommend on this National Garden Meditation Day!

#1. Marie Selby Botanical Gardens:

This is the first place I’d recommend to anyone wanting to enjoy nature and beautiful plant life here in Sarasota. Selby Gardens is filled to the brim with a wonderful assortment of every type of flora you can imagine and it’s all within a beautiful garden set up that you can stroll through or pause to enjoy. Want to bring your kids along? They’ve got a Children’s section in the “rainforest area” that will keep the kiddo’s entertained as well as you! Though it’s not free, it’s absolutely an experience worth having here in Sarasota. (Click here to learn more!)

#2. The Ringling Museum:

You’re probably a bit confused about why I’m recommending a museum for Garden Meditation Day, well it’s because within the museum’s property (which is quite a lot of land) there’s an abundance of nature and perfect locations to sit down in the shade of a banyan tree and pause for a moment. This includes the Bayfront Gardens which are a joy to explore and experience. There is also Mable’s rose garden on the Museum property that has a lovely history along with a beautiful variety of roses. Not a big fan of roses? The banyan trees by John & Mable Ringling’s mansion, the Ca’d’Zan (meaning “House of John”) provide endless shade and offer a nice relaxing place to enjoy the breeze from the bay and the sights around you. There’s also a Children’s Play area that I’ve seen many adults envy (including myself) for how fun it is! Though there is an admission to the museum, it’s free on Mondays! (Click here to check out their website!)

#3. Sarasota Jungle Gardens:

More in the mood for activities along with beautiful views of nature? Sarasota Jungle Gardens has both flora AND fauna for you to enjoy! It’s the perfect place for the family with lots to see and do! You’re less likely to find a tranquil place to meditate here I think, but it’s overall an awesome place to visit! Check their website for admission info and more details! (Link to Website & Info)

#4. The Sarasota Garden Club:

Looking for something that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to go and enjoy? The Sarasota Garden Club is free to the public and has plenty of nice spots throughout the Gardens to stop and appreciate! To learn more about the Gardens and when it’s open to the public you can check out their website! (Click here for Garden Website)

Want to create your own little meditation oasis in your backyard? You might need a plumbers help for some of that! For a free, in person estimate you can call or text our office at 941-504-3578 or email us at we’ll be happy to help!

Happy National Garden Meditation Day from us here at Next Level Plumbing!

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