Did you know “Santa’s List” Day is observed today??

This is the day that Santa makes his Naughty & Nice lists!

Which list will YOU be on???

On another note, it’s difficult to really feel the holiday season in this Florida weather, but one thing that helps is doing some holiday baking!!! So I decided to spend some quality time with my favorite mother in law, and bake gingerbread cookies!

We took the easy route and chose to use the gingerbread dough you can find pre-made at Publix. Gingerbread cookies just aren’t the same unless you use cookie cutters or make a special design on them, so we did both! We rolled out the dough using a beautifully carved wooden rolling pin then used the cookie cutters. Once the cookies came out of the oven, we brushed on a simple sweet sugar glaze that beautifully accentuated the design from the rolling pin! Check it out!

Didn’t they turn out beautifully!?

Thank you so much Kim for baking cookies with me!!! They were the best tasting cookies EVER!


Speaking of Holiday treats and Christmas wish lists, if you could ask Santa to fix one plumbing problem you’ve been having, or upgrade a fixture or appliance in your house, what would it be???

Getting your plumbing fixed may not be the Christmas gift you were dreaming of this year, but with family around and the holidays all so close together this time of year, your plumbing may need a little extra TLC!

Next Level Plumbing will be happy to check off your plumbing wish list and/or save the day with any plumbing emergencies you might have this holiday! Just give us a call or text at 941-504-3578! And have the Happiest of Holidays!

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