Rely on a plumbing service in San Jose, CA to keep your plumbing in great condition. You should repairs issues as soon as they pop up and get your plumbing serviced regularly. On top of that, if you’ve moved into an older home, it may be time to talk with a plumbing contractor about getting new pipes. Old pipes are more prone to leaks and other issues. Newer pipes are easy to install, less likely to burst or leak and can last for much longer.

A reliable plumbing contractor in San Jose can easily walk you through all of the plumbing issues you’re experiencing. It’s vital that you have a good idea of what’s wrong and what solution would be the best fit. Our team will thoroughly inspect the situation to see what the problem could be. For example, a dripping faucet could be caused by broken washers, a malfunctioning o-ring, a damaged cartridge or a deteriorated valve seat.