Revolutionizing the Industry

Part 3: The New Customer Experience

Author: Byron Thomson

In our technological age, we have the ability to know in an instant who has the most positive google reviews, who has bad reviews, etc. We can see what the company says about themselves, and what others say about them without consulting anyone.

A company can die without even knowing why if they let their online reputation go south. On top of that, each average customer has their own publishing platform in Facebook, twitter, etc.. Because of this, the way we interact with the customer, from sales to marketing, to customer service has changed.

How does this change those pillars of business?


It’s all about sales. If you don’t sell your product, you don’t make money.

It’s that simple.

I have found that technicians tend to approach sales in one of two ways. The technicians want to sell everything on their first contact with the customer. Sell, sell, sell is the mantra. They want to find as many problems in the house as possible, and sell everything they can based on this problems. These technicians tend to use more pressure in their sales. Often, and unfortunately, companies that encourage hard sales tactics like tend to attract dishonest salespeople. 


Technicians can also see dishonest salesmen and think that is the only kind of sales technique. These techs are usually from “time and material” companies. This type of company usually just sends technicians in to do a basic repair, and then rush to the next call. They are usually cheaper, and do not value themselves, or what they can do for the customer. Often it is just about finishing quickly without determining what the customer whats in the customers best interest. There is a middle ground to be valued and appreciated here, where the customer isn’t pushed to uncomfortable places by a driving salesperson, and is not left lacking by a technician in a rush. 

We will sell differently.

Technology is changing the sales world too, and the old methods do not work like they used to. New and better ways are being integrated.

Next Level Plumbing’s sales method will be similar to what I have personally been using for a few years. It is an informative discussion of the problem and a multiple choice solution. It’s low pressure, but intentional. Everything sold must have the customer’s best interest in mind. Things quoted will be followed up on, and that also ties into customer service.

Customer Service

Customer service is something that most businesses think they do well with, but you may find that less customers agree with that evaluation. We will have methods set up to help us know how our customers feel about our service, which is the most important metric to determine our success in that arena.

If we don’t check on ourselves, how will we know how we are doing?

Due to this there are many of things that we can and will do to improve customer service and achieve excellence. 



Marketing will have a new angle as well. While we will continue to use some of the old techniques like truck lettering, business cards, magnets, and flyers, we will also be using new methods such as digital, social, and personal marketing.

The customer experience = marketing + sales + customer service + product + feelings.

The underlying formula in creating the entire customer experience is to put the focus on the customer and the employee.

Through means of technology our business can run smoothly in the office, efficiently on jobs, and successfully through interactions with customers.

Through this combination of sales, customer service, and marketing, we hope to rise to the top of plumbing industry as the very best, by providing the very best- quite literally “Next Level” Work provided by Next Level Plumbing.

Thanks for reading and tune back in regularly to catch the final portion of this blog series, “Revolutionizing the Industry: Lofty Goals”

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