Not sure what to do if there’s a plumbing emergency or problem?

Here are a few tips from Byron to help you out!

Ask your landlord how they prefer to work in case of an emergency.

If you wake up in the middle of the night to a flood in your house from a break in a water line, you need a plumber right now! But since it is the middle of the night you may not be able to get ahold of your landlord for a while.

Most plumbers and other trade professionals will require payment upon completion, and this has lead to some dicey situations between landlord, tenant, and technician. If the tenant approves the work and agrees to pay the technician assuming the landlord will reimburse them, it may work just fine, or there may be major problems.

So find out up front what to do in case of an emergency. If they have preferred companies they like to use, write them down with their number so you are ready in case of an emergency.

Make sure you understand the terms of the rental contract.

Sometimes the owner pays for every problem, sometimes they make the renter pay, and often it is some sort of hybrid combination.

Considering the above advice, treat the plumbing carefully.

Most of the time when I am working for a landlord with a plumbing problem, the landlord will ask me if I think it was caused by the renter.

So for instance if you have a stoppage and I find corrosion in the old pipes causing it, I will tell the landlord that it is the old pipes causing the problem and not the renter.

However if I find wipes or other foreign objects in the drain, I will report that to the landlord and most of the time in those situations they will charge the renter for the bill. So it is best to be careful, and take care of the plumbing in the house.

Hope these tips help you to be more prepared for whatever comes your way! If it makes you half as happy as Emperor Kuzco then we’re doing great day!


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