Hello friends!
It is Pumpkin Carving/Decorating Time!

I am a big fan of Fall, when the breeze brings new smells and the temperature drops below 70 degrees I become the happiest pup on the planet!

I also love being a part of the fun Fall activities my humans enjoy doing! Like pumpkin carving and decorating for their annual Halloween party! I am an excellent supervisor, I sit exactly where they tell me to, and watch them as they decorate!

I am also a very good jack-o-lantern guardian! Any time I’m outside I like to plop down next to them and watch everything! Do you like my new pumpkin friends!? I hope you do! There are so many ways to decorate a pumpkin, let’s take a peek at the many options out there!

To see examples of each pumpkin decoration take a look at Next Level Plumbing’s Pinterest page! BayMaxx has his own board- “Pumpkin Decorating Ideas w/ BayMaxx!”

The Carved Classic

The famous old fallback that so many of us prefer! Finding the perfect face to carve into your pumpkin can require a lot of, or barely any, though! Whether you use a template or your imagination, it’s going to turn out different each time! Check out the faces Byron and Mollie chose to carve this year!

The Painted Project
Not into cutting up gourds or getting messy but still the artistic type? This might be the right route for you! Painting a pumpkin will provide you with a unique canvas to create a masterpiece on! If you need inspiration for this painted pumpkin of yours, check out Pinterest, or Google some ideas! The options are endless!!!

The Mod Podge Masterpieces
You can use mod podge (found at any craft store, or Walmart!) to make all types of pumpkin masterpieces! You can create a vintage “paint by numbers” pumpkin, or decorate your pumpkin with pictures of your favorite fall memories! However, if you want this pumpkin to last you will want to invest in a Funkin or fake pumpkin which you can find at craft stores and most stores with Halloween decorations available!

Great Gourd Games
Want a more interactive pumpkin on display? You’re in luck! People are using pumpkins for all sorts of things these days! You can make your pumpkin into a dartboard, pumpkin puzzle, or beanbag toss! Check out our board to see examples!

The Magic Mason Jar
This idea is so cute and simple! It’s sure to make all those mason jar lovers fawn over your fall artwork and want a pumpkin mason jar of their own! It’s just a few simple steps: cut off the stem of the pumpkin to create a level place for the top of the jar/pumpkin; use a tart pan as the mason jar lid, paint your pumpkin whatever color you want your mason jar to be and add on some yarn writing in the front (using a hot glue gun) to really give it that mason jar look!

The Glitter Bomb
Here comes the Mod Podge again! Once you’ve coated your pumpkin (or created the specific design you want) in this sticky glue, then find a safe place to get glitter crazy! The possibilities are endless with this, just make sure to warn any glitter-hating friends or family (ahem… Byron) that there will be a glitter radius they will need to steer clear of!

Pumpkin Personalities
This is a great option if you have kids and/or want to avoid too much of a mess! No need to cut into your pumpkin unless your design of choice requires it. You can make different faces or animals by painting the pumpkin accordingly and attaching different parts to them! Get creative!

The Chiseled Look
Use a linoleum cutter to shave a design into your pumpkin! This unique style is adding a whole new dynamic to pumpkin carving! By shaving off parts and cutting others it creates different lighting effects that are sure to wow any passers-by! You can get extra creative by placing battery-powered lights inside to illuminate any holes you’ve put in your pumpkin!

Diorama Display
We used to make dioramas in elementary and middle school, but now we’re discovering that everyone can join the fun with a pumpkin diorama! It is suggested you use a Funkin (fake pumpkin) for this so it lasts longer. After carving out your pumpkin to the desired style (look for ideas on Pinterest!) Spray paint your pumpkin black and cut a large hole in the front to create your diorama within!

Fall Foliage
Not sure what to do with all those falls leaves you collected? Find a white gourd or paint a pumpkin a natural white then découpage those pressed fall leaves onto your round canvas using Mod Podge!

If you are looking for templates to go along with these great ideas, countryliving.com has a ton of perfect pumpkin templates, you’ll have options galore! Don’t forget the blessing that is Pinterest either! It’s a bottomless pit of creativity!

Plumber’s Pumpkin Carving Tip

If you plan to put those messy pumpkin innards down the disposal, make sure to use plenty of water with it! Running your water an extra amount always helps anytime you’re using your disposal, so don’t hesitate to do so!

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