Next Level Plumbing Service Announcement!

Not sure if the plumbing problem you have is something to call the city/county about, or if it’s time to call a plumber???

This is a question we get asked relatively often. Nobody wants to pay for a plumber if they don’t have to! Luckily, Byron (Next Level Plumbing’s owner and master plumber) has some advice on this topic for you!

For the water line, which is the fresh water that comes into the house, you are responsible for everything past the meter. The meter is located in the box in the ground by the street. If you open the box and see a leak on the house side of the dial, you should call the plumber. If it is at or the street side of the dial, then call the county or city.

One note, when opening the meter box do it carefully. I have encountered a poisonous snake, a honey bee nest, and plenty of frogs, toads and other small critters. Don’t use you’re hand, use a stick or tool to open it!

For the drains, or the sewer pipe it is more difficult to tell. If the whole house is stopped up it will be the main line under the house, or the main sewer line, or the city line. There is not easy way to tell in the Sarasota area, however I can say that the clear majority of the time it is NOT on the city. Almost all of the time if you call a plumber it will be the right call.

Also, if only one bathroom is stopped up and the other flushes fine without effecting the stopped up bathroom then it’s not the city or county.

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Hope you enjoy!
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