Check your washing machine hoses!

(Courtesy of Next Level Plumbing owner & master plumber, Byron Thomson)

Washing machine hoses are something that is easy for everyone to forget. They are out of sight, and don’t cause problems… Until they do. And then they really cause problems.

Did You Know?!?

Washing machine hoses are one of the more common plumbing related flood causes in residential houses.

What happens is that nobody checks the condition of their washing machine hoses so over time the hoses will start to fail and can even form a bubble in the hose itself the size of a golf ball. As pressure is maintained and the hose continues to fail it will burst and you have a full open hose going crazy in your house until it is manually turned off.

To avoid this is actually usually very simple. Buy two washing machine hoses and install them. They are actually just two hose ends that connect like a hose would. Just turn off the valves and take off the old ones and put on the new ones.

The only common problem that can happen is that the shut offs might not work or the old hoses are frozen to the shut offs. In this case you will need to call your plumber to install new ones.

If you are uncomfortable installing your washing machine hoses or you just don’t want to, your plumber can do it for you and usually has them stocked on the truck.

What hoses should you get? The stainless steel braided style. This reinforces the rubber so it takes a lot more to burst.

How often should your washing machine hoses be replaced? If they are rubber, then every 5 years. If they are the stainless steel braided ones, you can make it longer, maybe closer to 10 years, but they are not that expensive so it’s not a bad idea to do them a little sooner even if they might last a bit longer.

If you aren’t comfortable checking on this yourself, we’re more than happy to help you out! To learn more about getting a free estimate, or to schedule an appointment with us at a convenient time for you, give us a call or text at 941-504-3578 or email us at!

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