PSA: COVID-19 aka The Corona Virus

By now basically everyone has heard of Covid19 or the Corona virus. How will it affect you and the people you care about? We can’t tell that. But we can do our part to help decrease the spread.

At Next Level Plumbing we have implemented a few things to make sure we are doing everything we can to help reduce the spread of the disease and be able to continue to take care of pressing plumbing emergencies.

Here is a list of the things we have implemented as we try to play our part in helping reduce the spread of Covid19.

1. Washing hands. This is always a good idea with plumbing, but we are increasing the amount of hand washing that we do. We are also using hand sanitizers when hand washing is not feasible.

2. Stopped hand shaking. We always strive to be friendly with all of our customers, but in the effort to remove one more way to spread the virus we have stopped shaking hands. We will still be just as friendly (after that short awkward moment of standing there trying hard not to do what we do so naturally).

3. If we show any symptoms that are consistent with the virus symptoms we will stay out of your house and self quarantine.

4. Keep the recommended 3 feet apart from other people.

We hope you all stay safe during this time!

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