PSA: COVID-19 “The Corona Virus”

-Part 2-

During this time of uncertainty there is a lot of concern about spreading the virus. We are taking this seriously and are implementing new procedures to protect not only ourselves, but our customers as well. At the same time we are still doing our best to take care of our customer’s needs.

This is why we are implementing video calls to walk you through fixing your own plumbing if you have the corona virus or are knowingly exposed to it.

Here is the basic idea of how it will go.

For those that require plumbing work and who have the ability to try to fix it with help, we will schedule a time for a technician to FaceTime you and evaluate the problem. If it seems like something that you are comfortable to do with step by step help, we will walk you through the process and give an estimate of the price. If you need parts (and are in our service area), we can drop them off at your house and finish the step by step instructions while in the truck.

This is can also be an option if you are someone who needs to be extra cautious in avoiding any exposure to the virus.

While this won’t work for everyone, it is a good way to be able to take care of a plumbing issue and avoid exposing anyone else.

At Next Level Plumbing we are trying our best to do our part to reduce the spread and still be able to take care of our customers plumbing needs.

For more details please just call the office!

Stay safe, be smart, and don’t panic!

We hope you all stay safe during this time!

Concerned about your home and plumbing? Give us a call!
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