I am SO beyond thankful for Daylight Savings!

Getting an extra hour of sleep was definitely a much needed addition to our lives these days! While I AM incredibly happy about the sunshine savings, I’m usually excited by any savings or good deals I find. I’ve never been a big spender, and get a lot of joy out of knowing I Spent my money well. Byron is very much the same way, we both love to get the most out of our money (which is why we love cruises so much!)

Coming from the plumber himself, here are a few great ways Byron suggests to save money on your plumbing, all in honor of daylight savings!

Catch Plumbing Problems when they FIRST HAPPEN!

This means that although it may be tempting to wait it out and see if the plumbing problem magically fixes itself, you deal with the problem at the beginning of when it became an issue. Catching the leak when it’s still small can be a life (and money) saver! If you let the leak go to the back of the to do list, it may very well be forgotten or continuously set aside to deal with later, and in all that waiting it very well may become a much larger problem. Catching the problem at the start often saves you money, and spares you from the extra hassle it could cause later on.

Keep Your Plumbing Regularly MAINTAINED!

This plumbing save goes along with the prior one, by keeping your plumbing regularly maintained and in good condition, you’re ensuring that the plumbing is working correctly and minimizing any problems that could occur. While accidents do happen, they are less likely to surprise you when regularly maintained.

In a way it’s very similar to how we maintain our bodies, by getting regular check ups with the doctor, and avoiding scrappy fix-up jobs that won’t last and usually cause more damage, we keep ourselves in good condition and do what we can to prolong our lives!

Stick with the Quality Brands!

Why do people choose the more expensive brands of clothing, appliances, vehicles, etc.? Usually it is because those brands have proven to be worth their money! By providing quality products that are well made, look great, and help you in some way, businesses are justified by marking it a higher price than those other products that don’t perform at the same level!

Keep this in mind when choosing your plumbing appliances, fixtures, and ESPECIALLY the plumber you hire to install those products!

A well made fixture installed by an inexperienced, plumber who lacks the knowledge to do any differently will likely cause problems, regardless of how good the fixture is! When you want to see good results, you follow through on all fronts, don’t make all the right choices only to have one crucial part cause everything else to fall through!

As always never hesitate to give us a call or text at 941-504-3578! Whether you’re coming back for the winter or live here year around we’ll be more than happy to help you with any plumbing problems you may have!



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