Christmas In Florida!

What they have to worry about vs. what we have to worry about during this time of year!

We’ve gotta admit, we’re pretty lucky to be living in Florida, especially when we take into account that around this time in many other areas of the country it is freezing cold, and in my opinion rather miserable outside! Florida winters provide various perks for us that we might not even recognize unless someone reminds us about them.

For instance…

The Plumbing Up North VS The Plumbing in FL During the Winter!

Plumbing differs depending on where you live, and it makes sense because up north the weather affects the water, and that obviously affects the plumbing too! Pipes can freeze up there (which is why there are plumbing products made so as to minimize freezing pipes and so on) and because of that installation is done differently too!

The ground can also freeze upstate, which means it can be difficult to dig and do various plumbing jobs because of it!

If you happen to get snowed in, this can cause problems too! You’ll have to wait for that plumber to get to you until the roads are cleared!

If you plan to escape the freezing northern winters you’ll also need to take into consideration how long you’ll be gone, you don’t want the water inside your house to freeze up, so that might mean leaving on the heat or some other preparation.

How about down here in sunny Florida? According to Byron who’s plumbed in the Sarasota area for over 15 years, he’s never seen pipes freeze up in our Florida winters, so that’s something we can be thankful for! On top of that, Byron’s glad he doesn’t have to shake ice off his boots when working at a job where he has to go in and out of the house often, for Florida winters- ice no, but possibly mud! The only things that can really cause an issue to plumb here are hurricanes or the occasional overwhelming amount of rain we can get!

Basically, we can be thankful for our mild winters and build sandmen at the beach in our bathing suits while our northern neighbors bundle up and experience the real winter weather! Though us Floridians might get a bit jealous due to lack of holiday cheer (aka no snow, Christmas trees to cut down, etc) we’ve got a pretty sweet gig going for us here! Don’t forget about the many blessings in your life this holiday season!

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