We are spending more time at home right now and for many of us that means we can actually get some stuff done around the house. This makes it a great time to do some preventive maintenance on your plumbing.

Here are a couple things you can do to help your system work better and help you understand the health of your home’s plumbing!

Check your flappers.

If you take the toilet lid off and flush it, you will see a rubber flapper piece lifts up and lets the water out. Take your hand and wipe it off on the bottom flat edge. This can clean off the flapper where it sits against the seal as gunk can build up on it. It should also be flexible in most cases, so if it is hard you know you will have to replace it in the near future.

Test your main water shutoff to your house.

For most homes in Florida the shutoff is located outside. Usually on the side of your house closest to the meter by the street. It will be a lever handle or knob most likely and be about a foot or so from the ground.

Turn it on and off. Test the water inside to make sure it is fully stopped. If it shuts off you know it is working in case you need it in an emergency.

Flush your water heater.

Note: we don’t recommend doing this if your water heater is 6 years old or older and has not been flushed before, or if the drain valve is plastic.

To flush the water heater connect a hose to the bottom valve of the water heater, run it to wherever you would like the hot water to go, and turn the valve on at the water heater. Leave the water on to the water heater, and let run for about 5 minutes or until water runs clear without debris.

Electric can be left on as long as you leave the water on the heater. This is because this is flushing and not draining. Do not drain your water heater.

Clean aerators.

On the end of faucets there is a piece called an aerator that has a screen in it. Some models are very difficult to get to, others just thread onto the faucet where the water comes out.

By unscrewing this you can clean the aerator which can increase the flow in the faucet. Only do this as you are comfortable with it. Do not force it, they come off easily if in good condition, if in bad it is best to leave it alone.

Stay safe everyone!

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