Next Level Upgrades: Toilet Upgrades!

It’s no surprise that we replace toilets a lot. New toilets are a nice easy way to upgrade your bathroom. One of the biggest things that people like when they install new toilets is to put in taller toilets. It is usually about 2″ taller than standard height toilets.

Two inches doesn’t sound like much, but it is a very big difference when you actually use it. Some people like the extra height because of knee or back pain. It makes it easier to get up and down. Some have had a surgery and it helps them not strain as much. Others are just tall and it is more comfortable for taller people to have a extra tall toilet.

Regardless of your reason to go with a new taller toilet, almost everyone is happy with their choice once they make it. It is one of the safest upgrades that will not be regretted.

Thinking about installing a new toilet but unsure which kind is best for you? Give us a call! We can give you a free estimate, discuss options with you and guarantee the best toilet upgrade and install for you!

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Hope you enjoy!
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