Next Level Plumbing Upgrades:
Level Up Your Grilling Experience!

Summer is coming! If you are down in the Sarasota and Bradenton area you will know it has felt like summer for some time now. We have afternoon thunderstorms, intense heat, and high humidity. It creates great weather to sit out by your pool or on your deck while you grill some food. Minus the afternoon thunderstorms of course.

What does this have to do with plumbing? There is one plumbing-related fixture that makes the outdoor grill experience way better. An outdoor bar sink! This allows you to wash your hands after touching raw meat, clean the grilling utensils that were left out from the last grill, or rinse the meat and vegetables, etc. This saves trips indoors and backs out again so you can have the water right near your grill.

The other plumbing thing to make sure you have near your grill is a hose bib. Any time you have a fire, even if it is contained, it is best practice to have a hose spigot nearby. Often in the case of a pool, there will already be one there, but in case there isn’t, it is a really good idea to install one close to the pool and grill in case of an emergency and to make refilling the pool easier.

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