The Pinteresting Plumber Presents:

Next Level Plumbing Bathroom PINspiration!

Hello! Looking for inspiration to spruce up a bathroom in your house? Just lacking the “ah-ha” lightbulb moment that helps motivate you to start doing it?
That’s why we’re sharing this blog today!
Check out these “next level” pins from our “The Pinteresting Plumber” board and get inspired!

Sometimes all a bathroom needs are a few changes to look brand new! Installing a new fixture, replacing the tile, or painting the walls and decluttering for a minimalistic vibe can really improve the look of a space!

Maybe it’s the shower you’re not a big fan of and would like to change? While that’s often a bit more costly and less of a DIY job, you can find plenty of remodeling inspiration on Pinterest while also considering budget and how to make the rest of the bathroom match the new style of shower you want!

Try thinking outside the box! Isn’t this a cool outdoor shower concept!? If you’re looking to do something different that will wow your friends and family, consider doing something unique like this outdoor shower!

Want to Try Something Cool?

Just open up the Pinterest app on your phone and hit the camera button next to the search bar. It will open up around the camera screen that you can aim at an image like the one you see above surrounded by colored dots. As soon as you focus the camera on it, it directs your Pinterest account to check out that board! Pretty cool right!?

Try it out on the image above to look at and follow Next Level Plumbing’s Pinterest board “Brillant Bathroom Ideas”

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