Hello Friends!

I am here today on behalf of all the pets out there who are joining you in this new year! Did you know that we dogs like to make New Years Resolutions too!?! (Cats don’t seem to care about this human tradition, but since they’re not really from this planet, can you blame them???)

Personally, I have 5 Goals to achieve this year!

1. Make more friends & learn how to play nice with everyone big or small!

2. Focus when I’m supposed to! (It’s really hard when I’m excited though!)

3. Remember the little but important things… for example, use the bathroom when I’m let outside instead of staring at the lizards on the fence the whole time…

4. Go on more walks with Mollie, Byron & my new best friend across the street!

5. Find the perfect sleeping spot on my bed (so I can stop turning around trying to make the bed move in the middle of the night!) I do need my beauty sleep!

Some people make goals and some don’t! Some people even make goals knowing in advance that they won’t be keeping them! Why do humans do that!? Did they forget their promise to themselves?? Sometimes I forget things, like how to sit, so I cannot blame them for not keeping their resolutions!

In my opinion, everyone has room for self improvement! Whether you aim to improve something starting in the new year, or you’re on a never ending journey of self improvement, taking steps (big or small) in the right direction is what counts!

Good job humans!

I know how motivating we animals are to you, so here are some funny and cute gifs to help motivate you as you jump into this new year!!! Enjoy!

2019 is the perfect time to get rid of last years troubles! Don’t bring old baggage into the new year with you!

Tip #2?

Spend time with those you love, and do what you love too!

And lastly…!

Don’t forget to are a break from life to get some alone/nap time when you need it!

Happy New Year from Next Level Plumbing’s favorite pet- BayMaxx! Don’t hestitate to reach out to us here at NLP if you have any plumbing questions, concerns, or emergencies! We’ll be happy to help! You can reach us by phone call or text at 941-504-3578, or by email at nextlevelplumbingllc@gmail.com!


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