Are You New to Florida Living?

The plumbing situation might be a bit different for you here in Florida compared to where you used to live! Or it might be similar! Either way, we hope to help answer some of those curious questions for you in this blog series: “New to FL Facts!”

Here to share his plumbing knowledge and expertise with you is Byron Thomson, Next Level Plumbing’s owner and master plumber.

Topic of the Day: Water Quality

Water quality is a very important part of our lives that we can easily take for granted. But it is something that should be taken very seriously as it can directly effect our health, as well as the plumbing products in our home.

One of the things that is different in Southwest Florida as opposed to the north east states is the water quality. We often come across people who have drank their water in their home up north, but find the water is very different here. Unfortunately for those of us who live here, we have very poor water quality. It is hard on the plumbing, and also not healthy to consume.

Recently, many of our local municipalities have begun to deregulate the protections that were in place to prevent cross contamination of our water supply. They are requiring less testing, and longer periods in between testing. This will undoubtedly result in unsafe water being delivered to our communities.


So what can we do about it?


Unfortunately as a plumbing trade we were not able to convince the powers in charge to stop this deregulation from going into effect. This means that most likely it will take a lawsuit or series of lawsuits to implement more safe standards for our water supply. In the mean time it is each of our responsibilities to provide our own filtration to meet our own water quality standards.

Water quality is often an overwhelming subject to start to tackle as there are so many options to consider. At Next Level Plumbing we like to evaluate each individual case and personally build or recommend the best solution that fits each customers needs.

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Hope you enjoy!

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