N2K: Need 2 Know
County Sewer Connections!

Are you receiving letters from Sarasota County telling you it is time to switch from the septic tank to new vac sewer lines?

It probably sounds almost scary reading those letters if you have been ignoring them. They will say that they are going to put a lien on your house, tell you that you are in violation of the code, and talk about steep penalties.

If this is the type of letter Sarasota County has been sending you then it is time for you to do what they say.

So What Happens When You Do?

When we are contracted to install a new sewer line and crush and fill the old septic tank, the first thing we do is get all the lines marked. All the utilities have to be marked so we know where they are before they dig. Over the next two days, several utility companies will come out to your house and mark your lines.

We will pull the permits required for the work. Then you are able to pay the county your impact fees. This needs to be done before we connect you to the new sewer.

Once everything has been located and the permit is pulled, we can begin work. We show up in the morning with a backhoe and dig the new line from where it comes out from the house to the county tap location near the street. During this time you cannot flush water, but in most cases, you will be back online for use by the end of the day.

The following day is usually scheduled for the inspector to come out, check everything, and sign off on it. After the job passes the inspection then we come back and fill the ditch in and rake it down so it is ready for sod or seed.

Then once all of that is done the septic tank gets crushed with a backhoe, filled with dirt, and raked down, then the job is finally completed!

The more you know, the better prepared you are for the future and any possible upcoming circumstances!

Hopefully, this information helps point you in the right direction. While your unique situation might differ from the norm, this will hopefully lead the majority of people to the most efficient path of fixing the issue at hand.

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Hope you enjoy it!

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