Today is National Skilled Trades Day!

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(Today on the National Day Calendar!)

It’s an important day for us here at Next Level Plumbing, and it’s important across the nation as well!


Simply put, the skilled trades play a MASSIVE role in our lives. The broad field encompasses more than you might realize, from plumbing and construction to service jobs and healthcare, beauty stylists, chefs, vet techs and more all work within the category of Skilled Trades.

So many parents push for the children to go to a four-year college and get a degree (I know, I’m one of those kids) but I had no clue- until I met Byron and started working at NLP- that there is a real need for more people in the Skilled Trades, and that depending on the trade you choose, you can have amazing benefits along with a rewarding job! Many of the trades require some time put into receiving a certificate, but for those who aren’t able or willing to go the expensive and time-consuming college route, the trades are an amazing option!

This day is used to help raise awareness in our society about the importance, and value, of the Skilled Trades in the US. For us here at NLP, we celebrate on this day recognizing the hard workers in our area of the Skilled Trades, the plumbers! Especially our very own NLP owner and master plumber, Byron Thomson. We know how hard it is to do the jobs that so many people in the Skilled Trades do, and we want to thank them all, and give our own hard worker a pat on the back and a HUGE thank you for the immense effort and time he has put into becoming one of the very best in his field!

If you’re curious about how this day is celebrated across the nation, and want to learn more about why it’s so important you can check out the link below this blogs title. And if you want to learn more about the plumbing industry, and Next Level Plumbing’s role in the Sarasota industry, you can check out the following links!

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Thanks for following along with us here, and…

Happy National Skilled Trades Day!

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