Yesterday was National Pet Day!
(National Pet Day website link)

What kind of pet parent am I if I don’t take the time to appreciate the best little brat I know!

(Yes I’m absolutely talking about BayMaxx our favorite fur baby!)

So many people took the time yesterday to celebrate their pets and post pictures on social media sharing their precious fur-friends with the world, and I want to do the same here today on this blog!

If you don’t know about him already, BayMaxx is a 3-year-old Staffordshire Terrier born on Christmas Eve and chosen the second he was born by me, Mollie Thomson, office manager, and wife to NLP’s owner, Byron Thomson.

BayMaxx has a lot of different jobs at Next Level Plumbing including being our mascot, an occasional blogger, office guardian, and cuddle buddy.

He keeps us sane and drives us crazy all at the same time. BayMaxx and I were a package deal, so even though Byron initially wasn’t a huge fan of dogs when we first met, he came to love and accept BayMaxx realizing that I wouldn’t go anywhere without him! Thank goodness for that, now BayMaxx listens to Byron better than he listens to me! Regardless, we love him!

Do you have a pet that means the world to you? If you do, maybe you can relate!

Although it’s a day late, here’s to all the pets that make our lives better!

Thanks for being with us here at Next Level Plumbing! If you’re interested in reading more about BayMaxx or checking out his blog posts, just click any of the following links! Detective BayMaxx & Water Leak Detection, A Lesson on Life & Proud of My Plumber!

Hope you enjoy it!

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