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-Plumber’s Perspective on Pulling Permits-


Most people don’t want to deal with them. And who can blame them?
Permits can be frustrating, time-consuming, and on top of that, they cost money. But we all have to get them anyway. So instead of focusing on the downside of permits, let’s look at a few good things that come out of pulling a permit for your project.

Having a permit means that you will have a third-party inspector who visits the site and checks on the work.

He isn’t partial to you or the contractor, so you know you are getting a fair assessment. If he signs off, your chances of a long-lasting and well-built project dramatically increase.

You Know That The Job is Official.

This one catches a lot of people by surprise. Many times when unpermitted work is done it can be caught when you sell the house. At this point penalties can be levied, inspections required, and sometimes the job has to be completely torn out and redone by licensed professionals.
This is terrible for the seller but think about it as a buyer.

You don’t want a house that you don’t know has been properly upgraded. There is a reason some regulations are super strict, and it’s for your safety.

When your chosen professional plumbing contractor pulls a permit, it shows he has the legal paperwork to be doing business in your area.

So yes, it costs more upfront. But especially in Florida, you want to make sure to get a good legal company to perform the work at your house. And if you can avoid some of the catastrophic unpermitted failures I’ve come across, it will be well worth the investment.

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