It’s Manatee Appreciation Day Today!!!

I’m BayMaxx, your Next Level Plumbing mascot, plumber’s helper, and occasional blogging pup here again to share a fun day with you that you might not have known about- until now!
Here in Florida, we love our resident manatees!
Not only are they big lumps of peacefulness but they naturally bring a smile to almost anyone’s face!

If you’ve had the chance to see manatees around here, whether at an aquarium or by lucky encounter while enjoying Sarasota’s lovely beaches and kayaking spots, then you know that they’re quite the hefty and happy souls!

We try to take care of them here in Sarasota, and around Florida, by protecting them with laws and reminding boaters to drive carefully through the waterways they share with the wildlife below.
If you haven’t seen our resident “mermaids” yet, I’m going to share a few ideal locations for admiring these gentle sea cows- up close and personal! (And if you’re not sure why I called them “mermaids” you can learn more about that here!

3 Perfect Places to Visit Manatees!

  1. Mote Marine Aquarium! If you haven’t been, it’s worth the trip- especially for kids who love the ocean! There’s a special building to go see the manatees as well! Click this link to learn more: Mote Aquarium
  2. South Florida Museum & Parker Manatee Aquarium! If you haven’t been here… GO! Even if it’s only for the manatees, you’ll also get to see tons of amazing historical and natural artifacts dating way far back, learn super cool science stuff, and possibly catch an incredible show at the planetarium! (If you can’t guess, I really like this place!) Click this link to learn more: South FL Museum
  3. Take a trip into the great outdoors and see manatees in their natural habitat! According to locals, some of the best locations to catch these slow-moving souls munching on seagrass, are… The Canal between Tommy Bahamas & Lido Key; Ted Sperling Park; & in the Pansy Bayou. Not sure where these places are or how to get to them??? Check out this link for more details and go have an amazing adventure: The Best Places to See SRQ Manatees

I hope you enjoy these easy fun ways to enjoy Manatee Appreciation Day today!

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Thanks for tuning in, until next time!
Love, BayMaxx

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