It’s National Coconut Cream Pie Day!

Are you a fan of coconut cream pie? Or just pie in general? If you are, then today is a great day to celebrate! ESPECIALLY if you would pick coconut cream pie off a list of various pies handed to you!

My personal favorites are coconut cream pie, peanut butter pie, and chocolate peanut butter pie! I’m guaranteed to pick one of those three if I go to an Amish restaurant in town! I’m also guaranteed to finish that piece of pie then and there, because nobody in their right mind lets a delicious piece of pie go to waste!
There are endless reasons to eat pie… let me name a few for you! Birthdays, holidays, happy occasions, sad occasions, no occasion, for dessert… breakfast…lunch… ok I’ll be honest it’s hard for me to resist pie if it’s offered to me!

If you’re not a fan of coconut cream pie, or you’re just not a “pie person” then don’t worry! You can still get something out of reading this blog! There are plenty of other days to celebrate, and you’re sure to find one you can be all in for soon enough! You can keep an eye out for more fun and unique days to celebrate by following along on our blog here, or by keeping track yourself using the National Day Calendar

Prefer to buy your pies? If you’re looking for the best tasting pies in Sarasota, I recommend going to Der Dutchman, Yoders, or Sommers Amish restaurants! They have the yummiest, biggest pies in town! If you want to go the easy route, Perkins also offers some tasty pies, and strolling over to your neighborhood Publix will provide you with quite a few pie options as well!

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