It’s Boss Day!

This allows me the perfect opportunity to tell you all…
Why My Boss is the Best!

I’m sure that I’m quite biased on this particular topic, considering my boss is my husband and best friend ever… but in all seriousness, he really is the best boss!

You see, it all began when I was graduating college with my Elementary Education degree and Byron was beginning to seriously contemplate starting his own business. There was so much on both our plates, and we were newlyweds too! I had a degree I knew I could use, but I wasn’t passionate about teaching and was substitute teaching since I was unsure if teaching full time was the right choice for me.

Byron was to the point where he knew he wanted to start the business and was slowly easing into it from his old job. He started out truly all on his own, he handled the phone calls, all the office work, booking calls, and then going and doing those calls! While it didn’t start as a flood of constant work, it soon became too much for him to successfully balance without some help.

The blessing in all this was that Byron needed an extra hand, and I was unsatisfied with the career path I was on, Byron knew this and asked if I would take on the office work as well as handling the phone and scheduling calls. It was something I had never done before and had never considered. I agreed to give it a try and am so incredibly thankful that it has worked out! Both of us are in a much better place, I enjoy the work I do, and Byron is less stressed because it’s not all on his plate anymore! He’s a great boss to work with; since owning and running a plumbing business is new territory for us both, we have the opportunity to adapt and grow together as a couple and as business partners! I love being involved in his job and sharing his passion for this business.

I could brag about my boss all day… but that might overwhelm you all a bit, so in elementary school style, like we used to do on Mother’s Day as kids, I wrote out a few acrostics to express how great Byron is as a plumber, husband, boss, and BFF!

If anyone is unsure what an acrostic is, (I’ll admit I forgot what the correct name for it was too!) it’s a poem or form of writing in which the first letter of each line spells out a word. These are often used in school as mnemonic, or memory, devices for students to help recall information.

Hope You Enjoy it!

My Boss (Byron) is…
  • Positive and patient
  • Loyal, and a Leader
  • Unique
  • Meticulous
  • Brilliant
  • Efficient
  • Responsible

As a plumber and owner of a plumbing company Byron leads with a positive mindset and patience far exceeding most people. He and his business are unique in that they strive to go beyond what regular plumbing companies offer in service, communication, and professionalism.

Byron is meticulous, when he does a job, it is done to the very best of his ability, and he runs the business the same way! The man is quite simply brilliant, if there were more minds out there thinking and doing as he does- the world would be a better, smarter place, and plumbing jobs would be done right the first time! As a plumber and a businessman, Byron is efficient. He moves through each day and week with a purpose and plan for the present and the future. He works with the customer in mind as well as the business.

Lastly, Byron is responsible. Quite honestly, it can be a bit daunting how responsible he is, whether it is business-related or personal, he holds his responsibilities as a top priority not to be forgotten or set aside. You can count on him as a plumber to be responsible for the work he does, and fix any errors or issues that may arise.

My Husband is…
  • Hardworking and handsome
  • Unconditional
  • Steadfast
  • Benevolent
  • Ambitious and adventurous
  • Necessary
  • Diligent, determined, and dashing!

This acrostic is describing how Byron is like my husband. It’s not hard to believe all these positive adjectives for him if you’ve met him!

He’s absolutely one of the most hardworking people I’ve ever met, and he’s handsome as well! I picked a good one!!! I’m blessed beyond reason because this wonderful guy shows me, unconditional love, all the time! (Especially when it’s not deserved, and I’m so grateful for it!) Byron is steadfast, he hasn’t wavered as the solid foundation that I rely on since we met. Byron is extremely benevolent! His halo shines brighter than anybody I know (except his amazing mother!)

Ambitious and adventurous, he’s always keeping me on my toes! I appreciate his active lifestyle and how driven he is to make the most of life! I chose to refer to Byron as “necessary” because he simply is to me now, once he came into my life he became an absolute necessity. And last but not least, Byron is diligent, determined, and definitely dashing! I couldn’t have been blessed with a better husband, or boss!
I could go on for ages about this guy, but I think it would be best if I didn’t! To spare you as much as myself (when he reads this his ego might go through the roof!) but I wanted to add the last two acrostics I wrote below for good measure.

As a boss, Byron is boundless, open-minded, sincere, and skillful.
As my BFF (Best Friend Forever) he is: brave, faithful, and forgiving.

Hope you enjoyed this odd little tribute to the best boss ever, and maybe you will take time to appreciate the best boss you’ve ever had today as well!

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