When you go on vacation, there are many tasks you need to complete before leaving your home. This includes closing and locking all windows, drawing your blinds, unplugging electronics, putting your lights on a timer, and much more.

Something else you need to consider when going on a trip is your home’s water. Many experts advise turning off your water when you go on vacation. Doing this might prevent any potential water damage, which in turn, will help save you stress, hassle, and money.

Risks of Leaving Water on During Your Vacation

There are many potential risks of leaving your water on when you go away. One of the main risks is water damage. Pipes can crack, burst, or face other types of damage that leads to leaks and potential flooding. Shutting off your water is essential in cold temperatures because your water can freeze in the pipes and cause cracking and bursting.

Water damage can ruin walls, floors, furniture, clothing, electronics, and other belongings. You also risk water stains that could require replacing ceiling, wall, and flooring materials. If your home sustains water damage while you’re away, the damp environment could promote mold and bacteria growth, posing multiple health issues.

Repairing your home from water damage can be extremely costly and stressful. If you’re faced with an unexpected plumbing project, consider Next Level Plumbing for professional help.

How to Turn Your Water Off

To turn your water off, you must locate the water shutoff valve. If you don’t know where the valve is located, consider finding it before you go on vacation. Water valves can be in your basement, garage, crawl space, or outside your home.

Once you turn the water off, you should drain the pipes. To do this, turn on all your tubs, showers, and other faucets, and let all the water run out. You can turn them off when water is no longer coming through them.

You should also turn off your water heater when you turn the water off. If water levels drop in the heater, it can lead to damage. If that happens, you may also need to purchase a new water heater when you return from vacation! If you are unsure how to do any of these steps, contact a plumber for expert assistance.

Help With Plumbing Maintenance

Most plumbing projects aren’t something you should take on by yourself. If you’re worried about your pipes and water supply when you go on vacation, consider contacting a plumber to come and check out your pipes, locate your water supply, and walk you through the process.

It may also be a good idea to walk through your home a few weeks before your trip and do a visual inspection. Are any faucets leaking? Are there any small puddles under your sink or washer? Do you notice your toilet is constantly running? All of these situations could be a sign that you have a plumbing issue. It’s best to bring a plumber in as soon as possible to prevent water damage and help save you a costly water bill while you’re out of town.

In the event that something unexpected happens and there is a water issue while you’re away, contact a plumber as soon as possible to help identify the damage, present you with your repair options, and assist you with making the repairs and ensuring nothing like that happens again.

Closing Thoughts

Don’t forget to address chores at home before heading out on vacation! By preparing your home to sit untouched for a few days, you can prevent a headache when you return. Water damage is one of the biggest concerns when no one is home. Even a short 24 hours of a plumbing issue while you’re away can lead to costly consequences.

Luckily, plumbing companies have the knowledge and training needed to identify and address water-related issues in household and commercial settings. Make sure you contact a plumber if you have any concerns about your home’s pipes and water supply, or even just for additional peace of mind.

At Next Level Plumbing, we have an experienced team dedicated to helping you with all your plumbing needs. This includes remodeling projects, drain cleaning, and other projects that involve faucets, toilets, water heaters, water filtration, water lines, and sewer lines. If you live in Sarasota or the surrounding area, reach out to us at Next Level Plumbing today!

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