How to Work WITH Your Plumber to get the Best Results!

Sometimes it’s not easy to work with someone. Whether it’s a coworker, classmate, salesperson, family member, or the technician that you’ve hired to work on something in your house, personalities can clash!

But how do you work with someone to get the results you want regardless of frustrating differences in opinions or conflicting personalities?

After many discussions with Byron on how to finish a job and leave with both the customer & the business happy and benefitting from the end result, I’ve learned that Byron as a plumber, business owner, and salesman has had a lot of experience with all types of customers! Because of this, I wanted to share with you what we believe to be the best ways to work with your plumber, or any technician coming into your home, so that you are happy with the results when they leave!


By communicate I mean don’t miss out on the opportunity to ask the questions you need to while you have the technician working at your house! If Byron is there to fix the plumbing than any plumbing questions you have he will happily answer! If you have questions or concerns about the pricing, the work itself, or anything else regarding the job- don’t keep it to yourself! It’s their job to fix the issues in your house AND ensure they leave you happy!


Most of us will agree that when it comes to our jobs, Time Is Money.

When I say be attentive to the plumber working in your home, I don’t mean follow the technician around and watch their every move, they will need their work space to complete the job you’ve hired them to do, they will also need the time and opportunity to focus on the issues at hand so they can fix the problem- so talking to them the whole time may not allow them to direct their full attention to the job.

However, since time is money for these guys, and more often then not they have another job scheduled after yours, they like to be as professional and efficient as possible. While Byron is always as courteous, professional and considerate as possible he does not always have the same courtesy extended to him. The old “do unto others…” reminder comes into play here. Please place yourselves in other peoples shoes occasionally and be as professional and courteous as you can to the technician entering your home. If they need to discuss pricing with you, don’t take a phone call and leave them waiting on you, it will probably waste their valuable work time and cost you money you could’ve saved by simply putting the phone conversation on hold and addressing the immediate issue which you called them out for in the first place! Cooperation and teamwork create a time & money efficient, professionally handled, job completion!



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