Not a topic that applies to every household, but it’s an important one to address!
Here are some things to consider when you have a technician coming into your home, and some tips to help the appointment with that technician go smoothly!

Topic of the Day: Man’s Best Friend, but not always the Plumbers

In this scenario we see a little trick-or-treater is being chased- not a plumber- but it’s not hard to imagine it being a plumber is it?! While many pets are ultra friendly and welcome anyone into their home, there are also pets that are very protective of their home and humans. Even though they may be perfectly well behaved around most people, they also may decide they dislike a random stranger! And that random stranger could be an AC technician or plumber coming into your home to fix something for you.

Your pet may not realize that their effort to scare off the person they’re not so comfortable with in the house isn’t helping you out like they intended to. Our technicians understand that many pups feel they have a job- to protect their home and family! But that doesn’t mean they are willing to risk being left alone with your pet watching them while they work.

Parents of pups??? Please do any technician coming into your house, a favor and keep your furry kids from accidentally protecting when they’re not supposed to!?! Both of our techs here at Next Level Plumbing have had many experiences where dogs have chased them out of the house. they don’t want to be bitten or chased, but they cannot do their job if the dog wont leave them be!

They’ve heard countless customers tell them “My dog(s) are total couch potatoes, they’re the sweetest dogs, don’t worry! They’ll leave you alone, they don’t bite!” or the all time favorite, “He’s all bark-no bite!” Which may be the case, but isn’t always true… Some plumbers/technicians don’t blink an eye at dogs of any size! But for the sake, and sanity, of the plumber, it is best to be courteous and either keep your dog with you, or put away so that no accidents occur.

Pet & Plumber/Technician Etiquette:

  • Ask if the plumber/technician is ok with your pets before inviting them into your home!
  • If they are NOT ok, please be considerate and put your pets away in a place where they cannot get out or be let out by mistake!
  • If your plumber/technician IS ok with your pets, please stay within range for safety reasons, it would be bad to leave and come back to find your pet has injured your plumber and he can no longer complete his work because of it!
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