The Main Shut Off Valve

It might seem like common knowledge to some, but many people don’t know where their home’s main shut-off is!

We get plenty of calls regarding this, and while your home’s main shut-off might appear to be sneaky and good at hiding, you just need all the right clues to locate it!

7 Next Level Plumbing Main Shut Off Valve Tips

  • Tip #1:
    The main shut-off valve can usually be found on the outside wall of your home about 2 feet or so above the ground.
  • Tip #2
    If you own a condo here in Florida you may need to look where the main water line is, it will most likely be close by!
  • Tip #3
    Once you find the shut-off valve, it all becomes quite simple! You will want to turn the shut-off valve clockwise in order to shut off the water supply to your house.
  • Tip #4
    You can just as easily do the same to turn off other more specific water supplies such as toilets, sinks, and washing machines in order to avoid any water leaks or plumbing emergencies!
  • Tip #5
    Toilet Shut Off? It should be right behind the toilet- just find the valve and turn clockwise till it stops!
  • Tip #6
    Sink Shut Off? Beneath the sink there should be a shut-off valve similar to the toilets- make sure you turn it all the way off to avoid leaking or water damage!
  • Tip #7
    Washing Machine Shut Off? A washing machine has two valves instead of one! Behind the washing machine, you should see two valves or levers, make sure they’re turned or switched the other way and you should be good to go! Until the plumbing problem is fixed at least!

Hopefully, this little info bit will help you if you get in a pinch with any leaks or water issues in your home! Want to check out more “Hide & Seek” blogs like this one? Keep reading by clicking the links below!

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