Sometimes you have a question, but you don’t have the right person around to ask. Most of the time you find yourself resorting to Siri (when she cooperates!) or the internet, but then you remember to not always trust what the internet says…smart move!

So…what do you do? Ask an expert! But not everyone has a plumber that lives next door or is their sibling or best friend. Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered! Byron offered to help save the day by answering some of your most frequently asked plumbing questions. Here are the FAQ’s and his answers, at no extra charge!

Plumbing’s Most FAQs

  • Why is my toilet running?

There are two problems that can cause a toilet to constantly run. One way is if the fill valve does not shut off properly due to debris that came through the lines or wear and tear on the device. This causes the toilet to constantly run and is solved by installing a new fill valve.

The other way is when water leaks through the flapper into the toilet. This causes the toilet to cycle on and off or to seemingly flush by itself. It is not actually flushing by itself, but is simply refilling the tank to account for the water that leaked into the toilet bowl. This is most often caused by the flapper being bad, or getting caught on something.

  • Are you licensed to work in Sarasota and do you have insurance?

I have a master plumbing license to work in the state of Florida, license number CFC1428105. You can check anybody’s license here.This means I can legally perform plumbing work anywhere in Florida.

Additionally, I carry a 2 million dollar insurance policy, and can provide proof whenever it is needed. Bonding is different than insurance in that is not required for work in standard residential homes. However, if there is a job that requires bonding, I can secure the bonding required for the job.

  • How much does it cost to get an estimate?

Nothing! I come out for free, assess what is going on, and what it will take to fix or replace it. I always like to quote the job upfront—even if it is a small job—so we are both on the same page. That way, if there is a issue with the cost, we know it before we start the job and you are never surprised by the bill.

  • What are your charges?

This is difficult to answer with accuracy because the same plumbing task in one situation can be very different in scope than in another situation. For instance, if I replace the toilet tank bolts at one house, everything might come apart easily and I can do the job quickly. At another house, though, the bolts may be rusty which will cause the job to take a lot longer. Additionally, another house may have a Kohler toilet that has to have it’s own special parts which cost more money.

Best case scenario is to have me come out and give a quote specific to your job, then you will know for sure!

  • Is there a guarantee or warranty on your work?

I warranty the labor and parts I use for 1 year, unless otherwise stated. If I install fixtures that you have provided, then I do not warranty the fixture itself, but I do provide a warranty on the installation.

  • Can I buy my own parts and have you install them?

Yes, you can! There are advantages and disadvantages to this and I can go over the specific details with you when I’m there in person, but generally it goes something like this: If you provide the parts, and I install them, you will provide the warranty on the parts and I will warranty the installation and any additional parts I provide.

If there are any defects in the product or parts missing you provided, you will be subject to an additional charge to fix the defects or return when the parts are in.

If I provide the parts, I provide the warranty for those parts plus labor. If there are any defects or parts missing, I do not charge extra to come back with the right parts or fix the defective ones.

  • How quick can you arrive? Can you work around my schedule?

I always want to take care of the plumbing problem as soon as I can. My schedule can fluctuate week to week, so the best thing is to call and we can tell you for sure when we are available. I know that we all have busy lives and not everyone is available at convenient times. I try very hard to be able to accommodate schedules. What I have found is that we can almost always find a time that works out.

Thanks, Byron, for stepping in to get the metaphorical cat down from the tree! You’ll be seeing more of Byron and his wise words in days to come…until next time!

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