To All The Dads & Father-figures Out There
& To Those Who Appreciate Them…

Don’t Forget This Sunday (June 16th, 2019) is Father’s Day!

To all the Dads out there- whether you’re a brand new father, have a bunch of grandkids, or maybe you’re a pet dad…

Thank you for all you do!

Here at Next Level Plumbing, there aren’t any children running around… unless you count the fur-child that occasionally takes over this blog!

BayMaxx loves his Dad (Byron) because even if he’s tired from work Byron will play with him, takes him along when he goes running, and reminds him of his manners when he’s just too excited to care! A firm, but the gentle, fatherly role is best for this pup of ours!

I love my dad and father-in-law because they’re both incredible, smart, funny people who raised their children up to be who they are today! Byron is a lot like his father, and I’m a lot like my dad! If it weren’t for their wisdom, thoughtfulness, generosity & day to day examples of living and loving in a Godly manner, we may not be who we are today!

What are you thankful for when you think of the father or father figure in your life?

Not everyone has the “perfect” father figure in their life, but it’s a fair guess that everyone has someone who they look up to or value like a father.

That being said, we want to make sure the Dads in our lives have a fantastic, super awesome, incredibly enjoyable time on their special day!

Let’s look at some ideas on how to make this holiday a great one for them!

  1. Pay it Forward:

    They’ve given so much to and for us all our lives, and it’s high time we returned the favor! So, pay it forward- cook them their favorite meal! Offer to take care of the chores they hate to do or wash their car for them! Whatever it takes to make them feel valued, do it! After all, they did for us over the years, this is just one tiny way of saying thank you!

  2. Bonding Sesh:

    Spend time with him! Offering to just hang out for the day with your dad, or go on a fun outing or adventure with him might be just what he needed/wanted! My Dad happens to be a huge fan of Bass Pro, so that’s where we go for manly shopping, a tasty lunch, and some quality time together on Father’s Day! There’s not much that can compare to some time together where you can just relax, enjoy each other’s company and appreciate life’s many blessings!

  3. Keep it Simple:

    Maybe your Dad just wants a day to himself! Maybe he just doesn’t want to be in charge of making the plans! Giving him the choice and going from there may be the best option for this Father’s Day!

  4. I.O.U. Book:

    This is an awesome idea for anyone to give to their dad- regardless of their age! One benefit of the I.O.U. book gift is that it’s tailored entirely to fit your dad and his interests! Give him fun, practical, and special options like: “IOU a car wash” or “IOU your favorite dinner cooked entirely by me!” or a special one like “IOU a fishing trip all expenses paid!”

  5. Start a Project Together:

    When I was a little girl my Dad’s favorite pastime was building model airplanes. He had all the cool old military ones and was a pro at assembling and painting them. I remember my mom taking me into a local hobby store before Fathers Day so I could choose a model airplane for him. She suggested I pick one for both Dad and myself. That was something my Dad loved to do on Father’s Day, build something with his daughter. And we did it quite often when I was little!

    We may not build model airplanes together anymore, but we still have fun planning and scheming fun things to do and adventures to have! Maybe you could try starting a project (or finishing one) for/with your dad! It provides a great opportunity for memories to be made and cherished!

    Hope these fun ideas help get you started planning for a super awesome Fathers Day! It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, it could be just as valuable (if not more) to spend quality time with your Dad and remind him of how thankful you are for all he’s done for you!! Have fun this upcoming Fathers Day!

    Happy Dad Day to All You Dads Out There!

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