Halloween Horror Stories:

Plumbing Edition 2020- Part 2
(Told by Next Level Plumbing Owner & Master Plumber, Byron)

It is October, and with Halloween around the corner, that means spooky storytime has arrived.

In the course of being a plumber, you find yourself having to get into some places you might rather not have to go. Sometimes you just sit there and stare at the place you have to fit yourself into and wish you had chosen a different occupation.

One such instance occurred to me several years ago. This particular place that I would rather not have gone into was under a home. As plumbers, we often have to crawl under houses and fix plumbing drains and water lines. Sometimes we have to replace all of the drains and water lines under the home.

Whenever I have to crawl under a house, I open the access up and take a tentative look around with a flashlight from the safety of the outside. I then proceed to shine the light in and put my head into the hole. If all is clear, I start crawling into the dark and sometimes unsettling area.
So once I cleared the space like I normally do, I proceeded to bring my tools and materials under the house with me to perform the work needed to be done. I didn’t have enough room to actually crawl, so I had to scoot myself forward.

Everything was going fine…
until I saw in front of me the remains of what looked to be a mauled animal. It wasn’t fresh, but it didn’t seem to be from too long ago either.

I immediately looked around to see if the mauler was still under the house with me. Not seeing anything, I had to continue my work. But I was prepared with a tool for a club in case I had to face whatever it was that had done the mauling!

Takeaway Lesson From this Story:

The moral of the story is this: Always block off entrances to the crawl space below your home. You don’t want critters living under the house and getting into stuff. And if I have to go under there I don’t want it either. So put screens across any access to keep them out!

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