Are You Ready to be Seriously Spooked?

Tremendously Terrified!?!

If so, then read on for some of Byron’s best plumbing-related Halloween stories! And try not to worry that this could happen to YOU

Sewage Scare!

Sewage is a part of our lives. It’s unpleasant to think about, but that is the reality we live in.
One night I was called out to a house where the sewage was not going down. Everything was backed up. What started out as an inconvenience soon became a nightmare. Unbeknownst to the poor homeowner, his washing machine was mid-cycle. This means that it was pumping water into a clogged main drain. He watched helplessly as his toilet overflowed raw sewage relentlessly onto the floor of his bathroom. He panicked and called me as the sewage started running steadily into his living room. Then he saw sewage coming at him from out of his other bathroom. There was nowhere he could flee to avoid the sewage, except outside. When I got there I was able to turn the washing machine off and clear the stoppage.
After that, the cleanup crew had to tear apart and rebuild his house.
Tip: If you ever have a stoppage that is overflowing, turn off every single water-related thing till the plumber arrives!

Mutilated Mayhem

One time I was crawling under a house to replace a broken sewer line. The sewer pipes ran in the crawl space so that was where I had to go. As I was scooting my way through the dirt I came upon the mauled remains of a small animal. It was not the sight I wanted to see when crawling on my belly under the house.
I knew two things right away, first, whatever had messed with this poor animal was under this very house at some point. Second, I knew I did not want to meet it. When you are belly crawling in a tiny crawl space under a house to fix plumbing, you are in no position to fight off a clawed attacker!
Thankfully it did not show itself to me!

The Back-flow Break

Years ago a group of us were installing a new building sewer from the house to the street. The house was about 700 feet from the road and since the drain pipes are installed at about ⅛” slope per foot, we got very deep by the time we reached the street. As we were about to make the last connection, we had a call that came in that I went to take. I got into my truck and turned it around to head to my job and by the time I had turned around the ditch was full of water and tons of water was pouring down the street!
What had happened?? Well, almost right away after I got into the truck, the backhoe hit the main water line to the whole neighborhood. This was a pretty big line, and it flooded the ditch so fast it was incredible! Obviously, this job took longer than we wanted it to.

These stories may not have terrified the socks off of you, but they do serve as a warning of terrible plumbing-related things that could happen!

With a shiver of horror and cringe of fright, we wish these bad stories to not haunt your night!
Stay up with your plumbing don’t let it fail, or plumbing disasters might cause you to wail!
We hope these tales, (that are all true) don’t become a reality to frighten you!
But if you find yourself in a terrible plight, Next Level Plumbing will come and set it right!

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