Go Green…

with a Hybrid Water Heater

(Blog by: Next Level Plumbing’s Owner & Master Plumber, Byron Thomson)

Just about everyone would like to save our valuable resources right?

So many times it seems like we have to pay a premium just to try to be good for the environment. And while this can still be the case with plumbing, it is not always completely true.

Today I wanted to focus on one product that, while you pay a premium up front, actually pays for itself over the life of the product and saves on electricity at the same time!

The product we are highlighting today is called a Hybrid water heater.

It uses a conventional tank like any other tank style does, but it adds a heat pump to the tank to use the heat in the air around us to heat the water.

This heat pump method is dramatically more efficient than a standard style water heater. And it is perfect for Florida where we have such warm weather. It can use the heat pump method to heat your water almost every single day of the year. On the 2 or 3 days when it can’t, it can automatically start heating it with conventional elements.

It has settings to be able to use only heat pump mode, or only element, OR- as it gets its name- hybrid mode. And for anyone who has extreme demands it can heat using both methods if so desired (you just lose the savings you would normally have gotten).

The amount of electricity you save will depend on how much you normally use. But with normal savings you can easily see the cost of the water heater saved by the end of its life. This is way better than an old style that not only uses more power, but also will never pay for itself.

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Hope you enjoy!
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