It’s “Get to Know Your Customers Day!”

Observed annually on the 3rd Thursday of each quarter (January, April, July & October) this is a day meant to celebrate the small businesses and their customers, and more importantly, help those small businesses to reach out to their customers and get to know them better!

Our Goal…

In making an effort to get to know our customers, we are helping those customers build up a better understanding of, and trust in, who we are as a business. We hope to show our clients that we see them as valued people, not just jobs and dollar signs that will come and go. By getting to know our customers, we’re also learning how to serve them better, and what changes we should make to better suit their needs as a demographic.

Getting to Know You…

One fun and interesting way to get to know other people is to learn about their Myers-Briggs personality type… this can give so much insight into the reasons behind people’s actions and decisions throughout life, and can also help you to understand how your personalities react to each other.
Byron and I have both taken the Myers-Briggs test, and while some people don’t find it to be accurate or realistic in its method, we enjoyed seeing what it placed us as and took the time to read our own and each other’s personality type definitions to help get a better insight into how our brains work, and the “why” to much of what we do.

I am an INFP or “The Mediator” while Byron is an INFJ or “The Advocate”…
Byron found his personality type to be very accurate and agreed with the majority of it. I had a more difficult time with the assessment and ended up reading through the various types to identify the personality description that fit me best, not as what I wanted to be described as, but my true characteristics.

It’s a fun and interesting way to learn more about other people beyond the simple surface questions we can so easily ask day to day about favorite things and “if you could…” scenarios. If you’re interested in reading more about and/or taking the Myers-Briggs personality test here are two free versions available online for you to try. You can learn more about Byron & me as well by reading more about our personalities! &

On that note, we hope this gives you a chance to get to know us better while we continue to do our best effort in getting to know you and providing you with the best plumbing service available!
If you have any questions for us here at NLP or would like further information about us as a plumbing business, please reach out to us by text, phone call, or email!

We’ll be happy to discuss any questions or plumbing concerns you might have!

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