Nobody likes it when their drains stop working. Some may know trouble has found them when they hear the dreaded noise of the toilet bubbling, while others might feel their stomach start to drop as the toilet water keeps rising higher and higher, then panic starts to set in as they realize the shower is starting to fill with raw sewage.

Make no mistake, a stopped up drain is a bad day.

Sometimes you need to call a plumber, and sometimes repairs get very expensive if there are roots or collapsed piping. But it doesn’t always happen this way, and there are a few things you can do to help your system avoid disaster.

One very easy and relatively cheap thing you can do is to preventively use drain cleaner in your drains.

But WAIT!! Not all drain cleaners are the same!

Drain cleaners fall into one of two categories. Natural and chemical. Both can work in given situations, and both can fail.


When using chemicals, they can get into the air and are very bad to breathe in. They can also cause damage to areas if they are spilled, and if they don’t work and you still have to call the plumber, your poor plumber will have to deal with a chemical stoppage, instead of a simple stoppage.


These are safe to use in the house, you don’t have to worry about what they will do to the air you are breathing. The ones you can buy at the store are going to be a bacteria with enzymes in it. When these are applied to the drain the bacteria will eat at the organic materials in the drains and slowly open the pipe up over time.

These natural cleaners are not designed to clear a blocked drain. Because they eat a small amount over the course of the day, it can take weeks for them to open a pipe. But if they are used monthly as they are designed, they will keep the drains open so you can avoid getting a stoppage.


It is good to keep replenishing the good bacteria in your drains so they keep the buildup down, and if you have a septic tank it is even more important. Everyday when we do a bleach load of laundry, use antibacterial soap, or use anything else that kills bacteria, the plumbing drains have that good bacteria killed and the buildup starts. This is why a regular application of one of a natural drain cleaner is a good idea.

Neither of the two options above will remove corrosion which is a rust type of buildup that occurs in cast iron piping. If the cleaner was strong enough to eat corrosion, it could also eat the pipe. This means neither of the options will prevent ALL stoppages.


Next Level Plumbing recommends and always carries a product called BlueBio, you can also order a similar product from amazon called Bio Clean

Both are good products for natural drain cleaners.


There are homemade options that have worked for some people. I have not personally tried them as people don’t want to pay a plumber to try a home remedy and wait and see if it works. One thing I will say is that a particular home remedy says to pour bleach down the drain. I don’t know if this will work in your specific case, but bleach will kill any good bacteria in your drains.

In most situations regular applications of a natural drain cleaners will help avoid needing a plumber. It will not avoid all situations, but it is not very expensive to use, and is cheaper than calling a plumber.

That’s all for now folks! Hope you have a fantastic day!


Your Next Level Fix It Felix- Byron


We hope this round of “Fix It Felix” courtesy of the best plumbing Fix It Felix in town (Byron) will help you out! If you have need of a plumber to solve any other strange plumbing concerns you’re experiencing please reach out to us through email, text, or phone call!

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