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Hurricane Headed Your Way? We’ll Help You Be Prepared!

(Blog Post by Your Favorite Fix It Felix- Byron Thomson!)

Read on to see what Byron, your Next Level neighborhood Fix It Felix, recommends with hurricane season right around the corner!

Freeze A Cup of Ice!

If you’re planning to evacuate, or maybe just go on a nice unplanned vacation courtesy of a hurricane you may be concerned whether your house has lost power during the time you’re away.

If that’s the case, take a moment to fill a cup of water a day or two before you leave the house and freeze it. Once it’s frozen place a coin on top of the ice filled cup and leave it in the freezer.

The idea being that if you come home to the coin still on top the house has survived the storm and the fridge didn’t completely thaw everything out. If it’s sank any amount in the cup though…. you may want to clear out your fridge and freezer of everything that was in it… juuust to be safe!

Check Your Generator!

After a generator sits for a while it can have a tendency to not start. It is always a good idea to start the generator every month or two and let it run for 15 min or so. This helps it stay ready for the emergency.

Also, if you are on a well, keep in mind that you usually can’t just connect the generator without a special connection. Ask your electrician about this before the emergency happens.

Fill Em Up!

Before a hurricane it can be a good idea to fill some sinks with water in case you lose water for a while. You can fill your sinks or tub so you have extra water to flush toilets, or wash hands, etc.

It is a good idea to test these before hand if you want to use them because sometimes they don’t hold water like they should overnight. Just remember when filling a bathtub, it is sometimes the safest place in the house. If this is your go to place, you shouldn’t fill it with water.

FYI: Most drains can hold water overnight, but sometimes due to the China mold, or slight casting errors a complete seal is unattainable. Talk to your local plumber about your drains to see how they can be fixed properly.

Check Your Trees!

It’s always a good idea to take a look around your property and check your trees before storm season hits. Think about how they could effect your roof and also your plumbing if you live on a well. If a branch lands on your well equipment it can cost thousands of dollars to repair it. Just consider that when balancing the cost of a tree trim vs leaving it alone.

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We hope these hurricane prep suggestions will help you out  while also saving you some peace of mind & money! If you need a plumber, or are looking for a free estimate on any plumbing problems please reach out to us! You can call or text us at 941-504-3578, or email us at!

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