All those things you’ve been putting off until after the holidays have come and gone? Did they all get taken care of? Or have they started to become a rather daunting to-do list?

Well don’t let it keep building into something unmanageable! Start by selecting one project to work on and when that’s finished move on to the next!

We’re sharing a list of common household plumbing projects/repairs that many need/want to do after the holidays, and along with that list, we’re also sharing our tips to helping you get those sorted out and off your to-do list! Some of these items are easy fixes you can do yourself with the correct tools, while others will need to be handled by a professional.

Check below to see if any of these projects or repairs are on YOUR list, and if you might need a helping hand from Next Level Plumbing!

1. Clogged or Running Toilet~

If the toilet bowl is filling up and not draining correctly, there’s probably a clog somewhere in there. The first go to reaction is to use the plunger, if that doesn’t fix the problem a plumber is usually called out to use a sewer snake or auger to work through the line and clear whatever is causing the clog.

A running toilet can be a much easier fix, but can also cost you much more on your water bill if ignored! If you hear you toilet running then the most likely cause is the flapper valve. Adjusting or replacing it yourself can be done, or you can call your plumber to come out and fix it for you! If that hasn’t solved the problem, or you’ve noticed your water bill is still high, then you might want to have your plumber out to check for any silent leaks and correct the problem before it gets worse!

2. Water Heater Issues~

There are many reasons why water heaters can fail on us. Whether it’s the pilot light that went out, or a sediment build up in the tank, or an error with the system itself, this is one time when you’re going to want to rely on the professional to deal with the problem. With regular inspections and maintenance, water heaters are less likely to cause problems, so consider looking at a maintenance plan with you plumber of choice, so that you’re not surprised by a cold shower out of the blue!

3. Dripping Faucets~

This is probably one of the most common plumbing problems anyone will ever have. While it can be annoying, it shouldn’t be ignored, as it can rack up quite a high water bill if not fixed! Often, the cause of a dripping faucet is an internal piece that has either rusted, stiffened, or broken over time. This is something most homeowners can fix themselves with the proper tools and understanding of their plumbing. If you’re unsure of how to fix a leaky faucet in your home and don’t want to risk making it worse, then definitely give your plumber a call and save yourself the hassle of fixing it!

4. Low Water Pressure~ Older homes are often more prone to low water pressure problems, you can easily recognize it when the water is dripping or slowly pouring rather than flowing smoothly at the rate it’s supposed to. If your water pressure is low it could be due to leaky pipes that have broken or corroded over time, or it could be due to build up of sediment in the lines or aerator. While there are home remedies to fix this, and many DIY options you may prefer to have the plumber come out and check over the situation to see if it’s something more serious. If you want to give it a go fixing it yourself then you can try soaking the fixture in vinegar or replacing it.

5. Garbage Disposal Issues~ Garbage disposals are a big help in the kitchen these days, but occasionally if the directions for the disposal aren’t followed, they can get jammed. It’s best to always run the water while using the disposal, and ensure that you’re not letting certain foods or silverware fall into it. The first thing to do when you recognize there’s a problem is hit the reset button for the disposal. If this doesn’t fix the issue, if this doesn’t work then that usually means it’s an internal problem. You can try to open it up and fix it yourself, but most people prefer to call a professional to handle it.


If any of these common household plumbing projects or repairs are on your list, or you have some on your list that you don’t see here, you can always get a free estimate on it from us here at Next Level Plumbing! Just give us a call or text at 941-504-3578. Or email us at! We will do our best to get right out to you, provide you with a free quote on the work you want done and help you out with whatever plumbing concerns you have!

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