Finding Fall in Florida can be a difficult thing to do!

We all know that 99.9% of the time Florida looks like this…

But there is usually a moment or two in what we Floridians call “Fall” where the temperature drops below 80 degrees and we start doing this…

However, due to the weather lately, we’re not there yet… so those of us desperate to feel the “autumnal vibes” have to resort to making our own “Fall” atmosphere.

Here are a few places, activities and things you can use to make Fall feel a bit more real for you and your family!

Stop by a Hobby Lobby near you and browse through their Fall/Autumn section!

You’re bound to come away with something to make your house feel a bit more seasonal! (I basically want to buy everything when I go in there, so good luck, its as dangerous as Target!) No Hobby Lobby near you? You can stop by a Home Goods as well!

Turn an episode of Moving Art on via your TV courtesy of Netflix!

There are a few perfect Fall episodes in Season 1 that lead you through a 1/2 hour of beautiful scenery accompanied by peaceful music to match the mood. Once you’ve watched it, you’ll find yourself going back to turn it on a lot more often! It’s great in the background for any and every occasion!

Visit a store that stocks up on Fall goodies and stock up yourself!

There are lots of stores in town that understand the dilemma Floridians have during Fall, so they kindly prepare lots of Fall goodies for us to buy so we feel better about it! If you haven’t already, stop by Lucky’s, Detweiler’s, or Trader Joe’s for wonderful seasonal treats of all kinds!

Visit a Pumpkin Festival!

Pumpkin Festivals start popping up right around now and continue through the end of the month, and they provide the perfect opportunity to go and feel “Fall-ish” with your friends and family! Stroll around, enjoy the activities at the festival, pick a pumpkin out, chomp on some kettle corn or a caramel apple, and pretend its 20 degrees cooler than it actually is!

Stock up on Fall scented candles!

I’m convinced you can never have enough Fall scented candles! I LIVE for that apple orchard scent, or a good fresh apple pumpkin candle, even better… a CINNAMON candle! Need a good place to find quality, inexpensive candles? I search through places like Beall’s Outlet, Ollie’s, and even the Dollar General! Not wanting to go the candle route, but still want that magical fall scent in your house? Look up some Fall Essential Oil blends!

Last but not least… Buy a Cinnamon Broom!

Or two, or three! I bought two small ones- for the guest bathroom, and my car, and a large one for the living room! If your a Fall cinnamon lover… this is a MUST! They bring such a wonderful scent to whatever area you place them in, and once they’ve served their purpose they’re fun to toss in the bonfire and smell/watch as they crackle away! I found my cinnamon brooms at Publix!

As always never hesitate to give us a call or text at 941-504-3578! Or shoot us an email at! Whether you’re coming back for the winter or live here year around we’ll be more than happy to help you with any plumbing problems you may have!

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