Thursday, September 6th is Fight Procrastination Day!

Hope you enjoy these meme & gif filled tips, tricks, motivators, and more to help you fight the procrastination bug!

Although it’s an unofficial holiday, fight procrastination day Encourages people to make the most of thE day by taking charge of their procrastination problem and looking into better ways to work through that enDless list of tAsks- now instead of later!

Are You Ready to Take On the Day!?!

All of us get in moods that are more of a hindrance than a help to our work ethic…

Where we’d much rather just NOT for the day, or for days…

But today is not that day! Today we WILL…

And Make Today Incredible!

Although it would be nice to drink a magic potion and everything is suddenly easier…

Or simply go back to bed…

Instead you can do things like:

– make a checklist and reward yourself when each item is checked off and done!

– minimize the tasks so you’re not overwhelmed, and do what you can in the time you provide yourself!

– set a time limit to specific tasks and focus on working hard on that task only during the time you set aside for it. Once the time is up, move on to something else!

– be ok with imperfection! Better to complete the job and go back to perfect things if there’s time! (That’s a test taking strategy from school!)

– find yourself an accountability partner! Someone to help you keep track of your goals and help you to reach them! #teamwork

Give it a try, you can fight procrastination and still have fun today!

Did you know???

ProcrastiBaking is an actual thing!

It’s when someone uses baking as a way to procrastinate and avoid dealing with life!!!

Though it’s not the worst way to procrastinate, it’s still a thing, and I may just be guilty of it myself!

We all procrastinate on stuff, It’s when it becomes habitual that it becomes a true problem.

Studies have actually shown that habitual procrastination increases stress and anxiety, reducing productivity and causing a negative impact on a person’s job performance.

So it’s best to not make a habit of putting things off, simply take a breathe and deal with it, no matter how boring, daunting, or terrifying it is!

Go For It!

You Have Our Seal of Approval!

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