Good Ol’ SRQ!

We Love You!

This town is filled with art, activities & Adventures to be had!

I feel pretty blessed to live in Sarasota, Florida! We boast of living where others vacation, proudly displaying our beaches, many opportunities to do outdoor activities and catch some sun, and of course provide loads of upscale to super casual places to explore, eat at, and enjoy!

Byron shared with you his three favorite places here in SRQ, and now I’m going to do the same! However, my choices will be a bit different! Care to check out 3 of my favorite places to go in town!?! Keep reading!


Some people are obsessed with Target, and I understand why!!! But for people like me who love a wide variety of ways to decorate a home, create a unique and memorable gift, or discover something special… there is Hobby Lobby.

Let’s get one thing straight. Do NOT expect me to go into that store and leave with empty hands. ESPECIALLY during the Fall season! No hating on this summer weather we’re having… but I cannot express to you how much I love Fall. I’ve been craving the Fall season since before summer even started, and I keep willing a beautiful, crisp, and colorful Fall our way as soon as possible! How does Fall connect with Hobby Lobby? Well they happen to have the BEST Fall seasonal stuff! If I could, I’d go in there and come out with a whole new Fall “look” for the house each year! Isle upon isle of warm colored leaves, pumpkins, fall scented candles, and multitudes of decorations begging to be bought! Seriously, Byron knows to be prepared to help carry bags when we go in that store! Such an awesome place with GREAT prices!

Whenever someone asks if I want to go to Hobby Lobby


Second on my list is a place that serves the best milkshakes, handmade sodas, and old fashioned meals! Although it’s not technically in Sarasota, it’s only a little ways away! And well worth the trip! The Soda Fountain on Venice Avenue is the place to be!

It’s got that old fashioned 1920’s vibe and serves awesome food and drinks to boot! My parents have been taking me there ever since I was a little girl and we lived in Venice. Boy do I have fond memories of that place! I love to order myself a cream soda and a pizza sub (cause I’m a simple soul and love the classics) but if you’re a brave sort you can try some of their more wild flavored sodas and treats!

If you enjoy it there you can visit another favorite place of mine close by- Nokomis Groves! They have, hands down, the BEST soft serve ice cream around. It’s most often served in an ice cream cone and skillfully swirled into a ridiculously tall tower of deliciousness! It melts fast in the summer sun so all the more reason to eat it quickly!

They serves flavors like lime & chocolate swirl, the classic chocolate & vanilla swirl, and my personal favorite- orange and vanilla swirl! I love a good creamsicle during these scalding FL summers! I can’t tell you how much it’s worth it, but do remember to bring cash! They don’t take credit cards at their little grove stand of magical chilly ice cream!


I saved the Best for last! This is a place I’ve come to love that’s very, very dear to my heart- the Ringling Museum, Ca’d’Zan, Tibbal’s Learning Center & Circus Museum, Mabel’s beautiful rose gardens and of course all the beautiful grounds as well as the other buildings on its property! This has something for Everyone!

Artwork from every era in the museum as well as traveling exhibits, the Ca’d’Zan (House of John) which is the gorgeous and mesmerizing mansion of John & Mable Ringling right on the waterfront, the Circus Museum & Tibbal’s learning center which shares the famous Ringling Bros, Barnum & Bailey circus & a massive miniature detailed replica of what the circus looked like in its hayday! (This is possibly my favorite part of it all!) This exhibit is the length of a football field and spans two floors! You’ll have to see it to believe it- and IT IS Amazing!

Give the Ringling plenty of time to wow you! Take a day off, pack a picnic or eat at the Banyan Cafe right by the Circus Museum, and take it all in! I know it took me years to become so familiar with everything the Ringling has to offer- and I was lucky to spend extra time there with my mom as she directed K-12 education for the Ringling for a number of years! I’m very passionate about this place and all it has available to the public! Hope you take the time to go spend some time in Sarasota, experience all it has to offer, and find your own favorite places! Even if you’re a long time resident like me!

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