We love Sarasota!


Byron was raised here and has been a plumber in this city his whole career! BayMaxx and I are both born and raised Sarasota natives! There’s a lot to love about our hometown… the weather, the many beautiful locations, the food, even the places that are usually crowded by tourists! (We tend to wait until it’s a little less touristy before we venture out- though it’s all about what kind of experience you’re looking for!)

There are so many great places around us! At Next Level Plumbing we each have personal favorites, so we thought you might enjoy hearing those individual favorites! This go-around, Byron will be sharing 3 of his top favorite spots in SRQ- there will be a plumbing related selection, a food choice, and of course a fun outing! Let’s see what his picks are!!


Byron when he walks into The Plumbing Place

When it comes to the coolest places to find plumbing fixtures and get an idea of what you want in your home, “The Plumbing Place” is the best. It’s one of my favorite showrooms to visit because of how well designed and organized it is; the wide variety of fixtures and kitchen/bath supplies gives me the opportunity to check out what’s new and also get an idea of what people might be looking for for their home replacements or upgrades! It’s a ton of fun to go in and just imagine what you would select if you could snap your fingers and have a new look for your kitchen or bathroom! Definitely go check this place out if you’re considering doing any type of kitchen or bathroom remodel, or if you want to see a range of options in person before buying!


Byron when he sees the waiter bringing his favorite food to the table

My brother recently took me to this small but great Japanese cafe where they serve THE BEST ramen. Ever. Oh man it was good! I admit, that it boasts its amazing sushi- and I did not try their sushi… but the ramen? Phenomenal. It wasn’t big and fancy, and it’s possible that I like the place all the more for the fact that I enjoyed my meal so much! The cafe is called Goichi’s Sushi Cafe and it’s located right by the Evie’s on Bee Ridge Road. Go give it a try if you’re up for a Japanese food adventure!!

Fun Outing

Byron when he’s heading to Selby Gardens

Yep, that’s me basically anytime we have a chance to go out and do something fun or different! One of my favorite adventures recently took place at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. We made sure to get there right after the gardens opened in the morning and we’re able to enjoy all that Sarasota is known for- beautiful weather, perfect view of the water, and an abundance of amazing plants and nature! From the intricate orchids and  incredibly formed bonsai trees, to the rainforest waterfall and butterfly gardens, Selby was a breath of fresh air, and a perfect place to wind down and enjoy our surroundings. It wasn’t too hot, there was a bit of a breeze coming off the water, and the Banyan trees offered plenty of shade. Don’t rush through this adventure, or try to visit if you’re on a strict time schedule, otherwise you might miss something the gardens have to offer! Take your time, explore, meander, and enjoy the beauty that covers every little bit of the gardens! I can assure you that we did!

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