Fall is Upon Us…Right?

Here in Florida, sometimes we might be well into the Fall season, but Florida has yet to play catch-up still sporting its mid-summer attitude with intense heat and humidity.
I, for one, am an absolute Fall lover. The weather, the colors, the food, the atmosphere it brings…. Fall is my favorite! But living in Florida can make it difficult to really feel and appreciate the Fall season.
So, we’re sharing some of our favorite ways to feel the Fall season a bit more here in Florida! Check out our “Next Level” list of Fall faves below!

Here are a Few Things We’re Fall About

Cinnamon Brooms or Fall Scented Candles

You can find these brooms in most grocery stores these days! Not meant for sweeping, but adding that fantastic fall scent to your home; you can get the small or large kind to hang in your living room, laundry room, car, or somewhere else! Not a huge cinnamon fan? Then light your favorite candle and enjoy the cozy feeling it brings to the room!


Can one ever really have too many pumpkins during Autumn? Well… maybe…. but I haven’t experienced that yet! Get a pumpkin or two, place them where they will add some autumnal joy to your life, carve one into a happy jack o’ lantern if you so desire, and enjoy!

Simulate the Fall Atmosphere

The weather outside is sticky and hot? If you aren’t too worried about your electricity bill, turn the AC down a few notches and enjoy the cool feeling of Fall inside!

Bake Something

If turning down the AC wasn’t enough, you can try baking something as well! Your favorite pie, cookies, bread, or pastry, make a soup or Fall favorite that fills the house with a wonderful aroma and warms the soul!

Hope these ideas help you feel Fall in the air. Enjoy!

Happy Fall! You can continue to read more of our blogs by clicking the links below.

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