The Best Parts of Fall in Florida!

We all know that 99.9% of the time Florida looks like this…

But there is usually a moment or two in what we Floridians call Fall where the temperature drops below 80 degrees and we start doing this…

Why? Because it’s Florida and we usually don’t know how to deal with this new weather change, but if it drops below 70 degrees???

We freeze. Or rejoice in finally being able to wear those fall clothes we love to buy but never get the chance to use… or maybe you’re a combination of both of those types!
Either way, here in the sunny state, especially in Sarasota, we have lots to do during the Fall season! (Mainly because it’s so much more enjoyable to do things without the sweat, sunburn, and mosquitoes!) I’ve found that between October and December the weather begins to adjust and the range of fun things to put on the calendar does as well! There’s a bit of something for everyone! And for those that aren’t here year-round, I’ll make sure to note when each event takes place so you won’t miss the fun if you’re here!

All Year Round Outdoor Adventures for Free!

Legacy Trail-

I feel like a crazy person to admit this, but I’ve never walked the legacy trail! Mind you, it’s quite long, and most people either bike or walk it in parts, but if the weather drops below 75 degrees you can take a guess where I’ll be adventuring with Byron and BayMaxx! If you haven’t tried out this impressive trail before, give it a go! There are trailheads located in Sarasota, Venice, Osprey, and Nokomis! Check out the legacy trails website for more info!

Celery Fields-

A classic and practically famous location for natives to Sarasota, the Celery Fields (or Palmer Hill) is the tallest point in Sarasota, while it’s a man-made hill, it does provide a great view of the surrounding area from its highest point at 75 feet! Many people go here to exercise, walk their dogs, and bird watching! You may even hear the roar of a lion from the nearby Big Cat Habitat! If you’re in the mood for some exercise or want to spy some beautiful birds, give the Celery Fields a visit!

South Lido Beach Nature Park-

A fan of nature and the fascinating ecosystems Florida offers by the coast? Then grab a kayak and/or your walking shoes and check out South Lido Beach Nature Park! The 100-acre park is great for exploring by land or by the sea! If you go by kayak you’ll be able to explore mangrove tunnels and get up close and personal with the wildlife! If you’re a landlubber, there are perfect picnicking and hiking areas in the park as well!

Downtown Sarasota Farmers Market-

Can’t forget to include a Farmers Market to the list! Sarasota does have more than one farmer’s market to choose from in the area, but this is a very popular and enjoyable one to visit! This market is open year-round every Saturday morning and has many organic and fresh produce stands along with other vendors for food and all sorts of fun finds! Here’s the link to their website for more details!

Festivities in Sarasota (Oct-Nov)

Fruitville Pumpkin Festival-

One of the only festivals that are still FREE to attend and filled to the brim with fun for the family, Fruitville Groves pumpkin festival is a classic go-to during Fall! It’s open every Saturday and Sunday through October and is filled with vendors, sweet treats, pony rides, corn mazes, a petting zoo, and of course a very awesome pumpkin patch! I would know I’ve gone every year to sit on a pumpkin and get my picture taken since I was born- thanks oodles Mom… *embarrassed face* Now that I’m an adult I’ve transferred from sitting on pumpkins to simply taking hours to select the perfect pair of pumpkins for my porch! If you can handle the crowds, definitely give this festival a go! It’s worth it!

Crystal Classic Master Sand Sculpting Competition-

Prefer to experience the Fall weather and still get your toes in the sand?? Well, this is the perfect opportunity for you to do just that while viewing incredible artists at work building sand masterpieces! Tickets are $5-8 per day and you can find more details here!

Sarasota Medieval Fair-

This one is fun for all and draws in quite the crowd! The Sarasota Medieval Fair has endless entertainment and family fun with amazing shows and cool vendors! The theme changes each year and the fair itself stays for three weekends (Nov. 4-5, 11-12, & 18-19) you can’t miss it due to the crowds that flock to this in an eclectic fair! Located right behind the Sarasota Fairgrounds, ticket prices range start at $18/person! For more info and details about this fun, event check out their website here!

As always never hesitate to give us a call or text! Whether you’re coming back for the winter or live here year-round we’ll be more than happy to help you with any plumbing problems you may have!

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